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Founded in 1989, the European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA) seeks to promote the teaching of, and research in Australian Studies at European tertiary institutions, as well as to increase an awareness of Australian culture throughout Europe. EASA promotes the study and discussion of a wide variety of aspects of Australian culture: Aboriginality, literature, film, the media, popular culture, history, political discourses, and the arts. EASA’s area of interest also includes New Zealand Studies. The EASA meetings have recently shifted from a biennial to an annual format, alternating a major conference in even years with a smaller symposium in odd years, rotating among the European universities where Australian Studies form part of the curriculum.



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The Centre  for Australian and Transnational Studies (CEAT) at the University of Barcelona (UB), Spain is currently preparing the 2018 edition of the EASA Biennial Conference, entitled Nationalism Old and New: Europe, Australia and Their Others. After the Liège 2017 symposium on South-East-Asia and Australia relationships, the 2018 conference will address immigration and refugee policies and the treatment of ethnic difference in the European and Australian contexts.

The Australian and Transnational Studies Centre at the UB has been committed to organising international conferences in  the humanities in Spain and Australia together with a range of Australian academic institutions since 2000. With the Centre for Peace and Social Justice at Southern Cross University, NSW, the CEAT hosted the 2006 event Landscapes of Exile: Australia Once Perilous Now Safe, as well as the international congresses Food for Thought (2010), Pacific Solutions (2011), Looking Back to Look Forwards (2012) and Watershed (2014) at the University of Barcelona. The 2016 event, Go Between, In Between: Borders of Belonging, was co-hosted by The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath at the University of Tasmania and The Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University. Also in 2016, in July, a new annual conference cycle was successfully launched between the ASC and the International Academic Forum IAFOR, the Asian-Pacific think tank based in Japan, with a back-to-back international and intercultural congress on City Studies and Global Studies at the Hotel Constanza in Barcelona, which contains an Australian strand.

The convenors, CEAT members from the UB as well as Curtin U, aim to host the upcoming EASA biennial conference, Nationalism Old and New: Europe, Australia and Their Others, in the same international, interdisciplinary spirit as these previous events and look forward to receiving you in Barcelona in January 2018.

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