Confirmed so far:
Director | Dr Haruhisa Handa Chair of Human Rights Education
Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights
Centre for Human Rights Education
Faculty of Humanities
Curtin University
Perth, Australia
John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Research Professor of Cultural Studies
School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts
Department of Communication and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Humanities
Curtin University
Perth, Australia
Anglo-Indian poet, novelist and essayist
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Aarhus
Aarhus, Denmark
Australianist specialised in women’s fiction
Senior Lecturer | Head of English and German Department
Faculty of Philology
University of Zaragoza
Zaragoza, Spain
Critical Pedagogist
Werklund Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies
Werklund School of Education
University of Calgary
Alberta, Canada
UPDATED:                 26 June 2017