I. EASA membership requirement
All participants are expected to become members of EASA as a precondition to registering, attending and presenting their papers. Please send a copy of both your EASA membership and conference registration transfers to to validate payment and so your conference participation. New: note that EASA membership can also be obtained by paying the fee in cash at the conference venue.

EASA Bank details
1 Chemin du Haut de St-Pierre

Bank name and address: CCM BAYEUX
8 rue St-Patrice
14400 BAYEUX

IBAN:    FR7610278021380002067430166

Regular membership fee: 30 euros per year. A discount fee of 15 euros per year applies to postgrads of all countries and to all members from East European countries.

Contact: Dominique Sève, Université du Havre, EASA Acting Treasurer

See also the association’s website:

II. Conference fees:

Early Bird fees before 1 December 2017
Waged Early Bird: 220 €
Unwaged/Retired/Student Early Bird: 150 €
Day Registration Early Bird: 80 €

Full fees as of 1 December 2017
Waged full registration: 270 €
Unwaged/ Retired/Student full: 200 €
Day Registration full: 100 €

Registration fees include all academic events, all conference documentation, a champagne reception, morning coffee and afternoon tea. The Conference Dinner fee (30 € approx.) must be paid for separately at the registration desk upon arrival; the restaurant is to be confirmed but in the direct vicinity of the university building. Whether a free daily lunch at the university premises can be included will depend on the final number of participants. The university’s immediate surroundings boast a host of restaurants with good, affordable lunch menus at 10-15 € (see Venue).

Credit cards and Bank transfers:
The University of Barcelona does not admit credit card payments of fees; the latter should be paid by bank transfer to the following University of Barcelona account, accompanied by the reference “75-your last name-your first name” in the ‘additional data’ slot (but in case you require a tax invoice please refer to the instructions below under the heading Invoices instead!):

Account holder:                        Universitat de Barcelona
Account holder address:         Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585, Barcelona 08007, Spain
Bank:                                           2100 La Caixa (Bank)                                                                    Branch number & name:       3642 Edifici Historic UB
Branch address:                        Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585, Barcelona 08007, Spain
Phone                                          (0034) 650 715 477 (to confirm transfer)
Control digit:                              16
Account number:                      2200092927

IBAN:                                           ES44 2100 3642 16 2200092927
SWIFT:                                        CAIXESBBXXX
Additional data:                        75-last name-first name (e.g. 75-Doe-John)

Please send a copy of both your EASA membership and conference registration transfers to to validate your conference participation. You will receive notification of reception.

In case you need an invoice for funding purposes, please forward your university’s bank details so that we can prepare and send the invoice to you. Please wait with your transfer until you have received your invoice from us, and then only use the bank account mentioned on the latter. Also send a copy of this to

Please make your transfer by 10 January 2018. Due to university regulations, we cannot accept cash or credit card registration payments in situ; they will have to be made at local bank agencies upon arrival in Barcelona instead.

UPDATED:                06 October 2017